Publishers Teachers, Admins, the people who run your Makewaves site.
Makers Students, pupils, the young people you work with.
Post The main way to make content on Makewaves. Posts can contain photos, text, video, audio and documents.
Site Your school or group’s area on Makewaves.
User Page A profile page containing all the things you’ve uploaded.
Badges Digital awards that you can earn on Makewaves.
Open Badges Badges that can be shared on other websites.
Picture Notes Images that you can upload to your Makewaves site which can link to other pages.
Themes Ready-made backgrounds & colour schemes for your site and user page.
Edit Mode The editable version of your site homepage where you can manage and feature content. Switching this off will go to Preview Mode - what other people see when they visit your site.
Inbox where to find your messages on Makewaves, just click on the envelope icon.
Site Tab All your site management tools in one place.
Me Tab The links to manage your user account.
Draft A Post that is still being made and hasn’t been submitted for approval yet.
Pending A Post that is waiting on approval from a Publisher.
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