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RPO Repertoire Choices (Doncaster & Grismby)
CLS Repertoire Choices (March, Peterborough, Thurrock & Fenland)
A small extract from the Grimsby concert
Grimsby Young Producers start work at The Auditorium, the venue for the concerts next week
Danum Academy young producers work at CAST in Doncaster today
Thomas Deacon Academy produce amazing concert for over 2,000 young people in Peterborough
Young producers at Neale-Wade Academy in March launch First Time Live Youth Concerts
Here is the score for the participatory piece in March, Peterborough, Thurrock and Fenland.
You should all be underway on your various tasks, but here are a few reminders
You should all be well underway with your preparations as the concert is in ONE MONTH!!
Two online stories have been spotted this week in the Fenland Citizen and Cambs Times...
The RPO and Orchestras Live have produced this video from Scunthorpe on 8 March 2013
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21st Feb 14 11:00
In a fortunate turn of events RPO resound have just received a donation from a parent which is a lovely new 18th century faux powdered wig - i.e. Mozart's style hairdo. What do you think? Will it do?I...
28th Jan 14 09:27
In this we had to attend an activity half way through the school day at 11 in the morning that would then go on until 5pm. This was done in A24 where we began by sitting in a circle along with year 11...
28th Jan 14 10:07
But in all seriousness the RPO librarian has fished out the music for the Festive Overture - one of the pieces our Grimsby Young Producer team have chosen for their concert, and we've already sent an ...
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17th Jan 14 16:42
HARRY POTTER is the word on all the Doncaster young producers lips, as they were asking me to find out if there are any Harry Potter pieces we can play in our concert. The answer is now a big YES - I ...
First Time Live
What is your favourite piece of Core Repertoire?
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A reminder of the lyrics we came up with at Workshop 2
Video material from Havelock & Humberston Academies workshops on First Time Live (6th Feb 2014)
Three short videos from Workshop 2 to remind you of your the Riff and opening. See notes below...
Workshop 2 at Neale-Wade took place yesterday and there were many tasks to start.
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By Grimsby Young Producers
Danum's Media and Communication Team interview two members of the RPO
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