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Fife Blogs
1st Feb 14 19:13
In the morning we learned about what evacuees in the war would of taken in their suitcases.Then I went to The Voices Practise.Then we headed through to Adam Smith Theatre in Kirkcaldy on the bus to go...
2nd Feb 14 17:05
Today, in the morning I saw a small bird outside. I quickly grabbed my phone and took some pictures. Most of the pictures are blurry or you can't see the bird so I've only put the two clearest ones u...
3rd Feb 14 21:42
Today at school, in the morning we started off by silent reading. We then had to do 5 spelling sentences. We then got to have golden time as we didn't have a proper one last week.It was then time for ...
3rd Feb 14 21:28
This morning I came on here before school. I wasn't on yesterday so had loads of stories to upload. I really hope you like them.First thing at school we had English. In English we were doing the Book ...