Makewaves is the safe social learning platform for children to share what they make, challenge themselves with Missions and show their achievements with badges. Helping young people realise their full potential, by surfacing, capturing and communicating their growing skills.
Makewaves badges are Open Badges. That means when a badge has been awarded it's owned by your students. What's more, it's portable so they can choose to take their badges with them wherever they like - for example, their own website or LinkedIn.
The cost of an MW license (charged annually or monthly depending of your package) varies depending on the size of your school or group, the number of badges you wish to create and how you would like to manage your users. We have a number of different pricing models and packages that you can purchase, including a Free option and a monthly direct debit package for groups. More information on these can be found on our packages page.
Absolutely! MW is fully mobile responsive and so can be used on any browser on any mobile device. We also have a dedicated iOS app which makes adding evidence and earning badges on the move much simpler!
The Public Badge Library is a curated collection of badges from a range of different sites on MW. It’s a place where Makers can find interesting, publically available badges to take and earn. Whenever you create a badge, it is automatically added to the Public Library, however Pro members can choose to keep badges locked down to your own site using the toggle when creating a badge.
Learners can join an Site in one of three ways:
  • Route 1: Send them a link to your Site page. On the right hand side of your Site there’s a link for a both a Maker and another Publisher (Teacher) to join the site. Clicking here will guide a learner through the registration process. You will need to approve these accounts before they can login.
  • Route 2: From the MW homepage (www.makewav.es) learners can click the “I’m a student” button. They need to search for and select your Site, and will then be guided through the rest of the registration process.
  • Route 3: Login using your Publisher account and select People from the My Site menu at top. You’ll then see an “Add Maker” button. Fill out the fields with their details to register your learners. As you’re creating a password for them, don’t forget to remind your learners to change their password when they login. Pro Site Publishers can use our handy CSV uploader from the People page to create multiple Makers at once.
The Academy is a space for Makers who want to join MW as an individual (ie. not attached to an Site) to access the range of badges available in the Public Badge Library. To join the MW Academy Makers should join through the Individual Sign-Up process.
That depends on the package you choose.

On the Free package you can create a maximum of three badges, but your Makers can also access all of the badges in the Public Library. You may want to use the Free package to try out badges, or to build a business case or create examples for funders.

We also have our ‘Groups’ package, which gives you the ability to create more badges for your learners, as well as an increase in media upload space.

Our Pro package allows you to create an unlimited number of badges, as well as utilise the whole feature set available on Makewaves, such as our CSV uploader and content curation through Channels.

More details on each of these packages can be found here.
Yes you do, when you create your badges you and other Publishers in your organisation can award the badge (if you choose to place your badge into the Public Library your badge can also be taken by Makers from other sites, however these site Publishers are in charge of awarding badges to their learners)
Once you have logged into your Makewaves account you can head to the help menu and select ‘Report a Bug’ from the menu. Alternatively you can head directly to this form to complete your bug request. You can also send an email direct to our support team with any issues you may have experienced. We’re always looking to improve and enhance our product so we’d love to hear from you!
Of course! We’re always developing new features for Makewaves and we love to find out how we can improve our users’ experience! It could be something big or just a ‘tweak’ - we’d love to hear what you think. You can head directly to our Request a Feature form or send an email direct to our support team with your requests.
Yes, however this is not something we would advise. Instead you have the options to suspend or close the badge so that no new Makers can take or earn it without having to remove it from an existing badge earners account. If you want to delete a badge completely, contact our dedicated support team.
You can contact our dedicated support team on help@makewav.es. If you would like to speak to a Makers of our sales and consultancy team, please contact hello@makewav.es.
All of the data within Makewaves is stored in the EU, via the Amazon Cloud in safe and secure data centres. For more ination on this please contact our support team.
Get in touch with our Support team and they will restore the account for you. Be careful not to delete a Publisher account if it is the only one attached to the Site as you’ll be unable to log in - if this happens please contact our Support team - help@makewav.es
Absolutely. Digitalme are experienced badge design experts and framework makers. We offer a wide range of badge design consultancy services - from designing badge images, right through to our ‘in depth’ badge consultancy days, or even bringing in colleagues from the City & Guilds Group to apply accreditation to your scheme. If you would like to speak to a member of our sales and consultancy team, please contact hello@makewav.es and we can tell you more about what we do.
This is a feature currently in development on Makewaves. We’re developing a tool to create pathways of badges for your learners, which can include badges from your own Site and the Public Badge Library. At the moment, through our Pro and Groups packages, you can use the ‘Featured Badge’ panel to highlight key badges you’d like your learners to take and start to develop a learning pathway.

Alternatively you can share badges directly with your learners so that when they login they will be presented with a ‘course’ or ‘suite’ of badges you wish them to work on.
If a badge has been set to be publically available, Publishers will see the option to share this badge with your Makers. This will open a pop up menu where you can select the Makers you would like to share the badge with. Makers can also find publically available badges across MW and take them by selecting “Start this badge mission”.
Publishers will only receive notifications about Makers who are assigned to them, however if there are any Makers who are not assigned to anyone- every Publisher will receive a notification about them.

Publishers can assign Makers to Publishers, by accessing the People page from the top navigation menu. You can click the three dots to the right of a Makers and select “Assign to Publisher”, or if you are assigning multiple Makers at once, select the tickbox next to your chosen Makers, click the three dots at the top of the list, and click Assign to Publisher.
Yes. Follow the instructions for How do I receive notifications of activity within my Site? Rather than assigning a single Publisher, assign the Makers to all relevant Publishers.
We need to check that you’re a real person and not a spammer! This is a simple Captcha used to detect rogue users, just tick the box when you’re registering for your Site or setting up your account. You may be asked to solve a visual question in order to pass this process.
The Group feature (found within the People page) allows Pro accounts to organise Makers and share them with Publishers. This will help you to manage Makers when you wish to share badges with them, and also when assigning them to Site Publishers.
You can change your site name in your Settings page. For your site’s URL and issuer name, please contact our dedicated support team and we can do this for you - help@makewav.es
Log on to Makewaves with your Publisher details and go to the People page, where you can see a list of all Makers and their usernames.
Publishers can navigate to the People page, find the Makers in the list and reset their password from there - just clear out the password field and enter something new. Please note the previous password may look longer than it actually was, this is a safety feature. Don’t forget to tell them to change it when they log back in.

If the Maker has an email attached to their account, they can use our Password Reminder service which is linked from the MW log-in screen. Alternatively they can go to https://www.makewav.es/passwordreminder
We’re working on making this easier so watch this space. For now, your badges appear in the order you add them to the Site, so before getting stuck into creating badges on Makewaves you might want to give some thought about the order you want them to appear in first.
There are two ways to do this.
  • Send them the url for the badge. They’ll see a big green button that says “Start this badge mission”, which will prompt them to either log in or register if they’re not already a Maker
  • You can also invite a Maker to take a badge by clicking the “Add People” button on the badge page, then selecting your Makers from the pop-up menu.
Yes. Publishers can set the visibility of any evidence attached to a badge when they award it. Once a Maker has uploaded their evidence, the Publisher can click the three dots then select which audience they want to be able to view their evidence.
Yes, all accounts have to be approved before they can log in to your Makewaves site.
Every time a new Makers joins your Site via the signup form, all Site Publishers will receive a notification within MW instructing them to approve the user. If the Maker has joined your Site in error, we advise that you do not approve them, and contact our dedicated support team. We will then be able to contact them and move them to the correct Site.
This isn’t a feature available to users, but can be done by our dedicated support team. Get in touch if you need our help with this! On Makewaves you also have the option to promote a Maker to a Senior Maker - this hands over some of the responsibility for approving content across your site. Senior Makers are able to approve profiles images and text, as well as approve posts - however they are not able to award a badge.
Guest account are a feature we enable to Pro Sites, they allow you to create (or have people sign up) to a guest login. These accounts allow a user into your Site, however there are certain restrictions put in place. For example, commenting is always set to approval, and Guest accounts cannot be added as a contributor to Posts. We find these accounts are most commonly used to allow Parents/Carers into your site to see the work that is going on, and view badge evidence created and submitted by your Makers.
It is possible that a firewall is preventing access to Makewaves. Please inform your school's technical team or system administrator to whitelist the following URLs:
  • https://www.makewav.es
  • https://api.makewav.es
  • https://developers.makewav.es
  • https://mwprod.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/
  • https://dyg6dcwhqswsk.cloudfront.net
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