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And we thought BETT 2015 was as good as it gets...
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We had a great time at BETT, speaking at the Frog Stand, being interviewed for BETT radio, tweeting what we got up to and taking part in the FrogSnap challenge
This is what we did at BETT.
On the 23rd January 2015, 6 LLS Digital Leaders went down to EXCEL London for an event of epic proportions.
I would really love to have the opp
Interview with Mr Laws, MP and the Minister of State for Schools and the Cabinet Office
Every year the BBC hold a competion for British schools to make a MOC news broadcast.
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We went to the BETT show 2014!
This was the planning, the trip and the talks for Bett
I went to the 4th annual Whole Education Conference - but what was it like for me?
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