Being a secondary DL

Stories from secondary DLs about their goals; their thoughts on things that have gone well and things to do differently next time.

All about what we did and the workshops at The Digital Leader Meet 2015!
We made a great video and we had some fun!
Saif, Rohan, Arun, Tom and Saul create their own version of BBC Newsround
Curt and Sam present ideas to PCJS Governors about transition, makewaves and the new computing curriculum
List of photos needed to meet the challenge
I would really love to have the opp
This is my application to attend the BETT exhibition 2015.
Information on the Arden Digital Leaders new CEO.
In February 2015 Eight Arden Digital Leaders went to Bentley Heath Primary School to discuss Arden life and Esafety.
I love all subjects! Also i like playing my instruments!
This is why I wanted to join Digital Leaders at Lady Lumleys school
This is why I should be a Digital Leader
This is about me and why I wanted to be a Digital leader
Interview with Mr Laws, MP and the Minister of State for Schools and the Cabinet Office
The Percy Jackson Series!
Or simply just a question
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