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Miss Savage, one of our Vice Principals is retiring
Year 7 tutorial project
Year 6s visit Catmose College
An interview with the 2016-2017 Head Girl, Maisie Goddard
We find out more about the Rutland Water Junior parkrun
We interview Steph McGovern at the Big Bang Fair
Interview with Richard Drinkwater
Interview with Sam and Abi
On the 1st April 2017, Rutland celebrated 20 years independence from Leicestershire
14EriPal - Reporter of the Month
Our Year 10 Girls netball team win County Final
An interview with England Judo competitor, Mary Tomblin
A BBC News School Report Project
Catmose College student runs at School Games
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This #DLOpenBadge involves creating tutorials and getting feedback about them.
@ BETT 2015 we videoed many stands and interviewed lots of people to mkae a video about what went on at BETT 2015.
Curt and Sam present ideas to PCJS Governors about transition, makewaves and the new computing curriculum
Recently I have been working on a video to showcase who we are and what we do!
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This is why I wanted to be a Digital Leader.
Being a Digital Leader
The reasons I became a Digital Leader.
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