Kingdom FM 2008

Kingdom FM 2008
The year - 3555. Polar bears - extinct. The cause - Global Warming. The Culprit?
competition entry for Radiowaves competition
Two news stories from our reporting team.
As part of our school's enterprise week, Tanshall Primary 1's visited St Ninian's Church to take part in a baptism - it was a baby doll! For the occasion the boys and girls dressed in their best clothes. Some children were chosen to be the dolls Mum, Dad,
Interviews with the cast of Trouble in Pantoland. The Christmas pantomime written and performed by staff and students at Inverkeithing High School.
A pupil at Beath High has just been put on the heart transplant list. Our team have caught up with her to find out exactly about her condition, and how she is coping at school.
Listen to the latest news from Lochgelly South P.S.