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This week the children in the Foundation Unit have enjoyed their new Power of Reading book called The Naughty Bus.
This weeks music lesson.
Finding out what materials are waterproof.
The children have learning how to use part whole models, to work out how many tens and ones there are in two digit numbers.
The children in the Foundation unit have enjoyed being outside in the garden this week .
100% attendance children were recognised this week with awards given out in assembly. Keep it up!
Year 5 had an enjoyable time this week making salt-dough tree decorations
Year 3 Christmas party
The children had lots of fun making Christmas baubles. They used icing and colourful sugar stars to make their biscuits look like Christmas tree baubles.
We have all baked and decorated cakes to sell, to raise money for our leavers' hoodies.
This week the children in the Foundation Unit all took part in our Nativity King is Born. The children really enjoyed taking part, learning their lines and dressing up in the different costumes. We hope you enjoyed watching.
Year 3 non-chronological reports
For the last two weeks year 6 have had swimming lessons every afternoon!
The children have been sorting 3D shapes, in maths this week.
Year 3 and 4 Chester Zoo visit
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