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Country Dancing
Easter Story Pebbles
The children have been writing sentences about our new Power of Reading book Bog baby .
Completing a mile for sports relief.
The Great Fire of London
The children have been gathering facts all about the ocean and have also been busy creating their own under the sea scene, using recycled materials.
Year 5 were recently invited, along with other schools, to the Floral Pavilion, New Brighton, to watch a performance of A World Away. The musical play's message was about the dangers of smoking and the terrible consequences of choosing to smoke.
The children in the Foundation Unit have enjoyed spending time outside learning in the snow .
Year 5 recently had an enjoyable afternoon, during a parent's visit, creating pointillism paintings and painting the pots that some children made at Crosby Hall recently..
Year 4 had their assembly this week, all about India, a subject we have been studying in Topic. We were able to show all we have learned about this sub-continent, including its climate, food, geographical location, customs, culture and its people. A very interesting topic, I think you'll agree!
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