Catmose - Publisher Blogs
29th Oct 13 14:04
During 2012 and 2013, our Makewaves site has developed from being an area used by enthusiastic student reporters, to an active and embedded part of lessons as a way of showcasing students work. All ye...
Publisher Thoughts...
29th Oct 13 15:21
We use Makewwaves to store good teaching practice and you can see from the teaching and learning section on our front page. We use Makewaves to capture moment when student are achieving or obtaining n...
St. Paul's
29th Oct 13 14:49
Over the last 6 months, two of our reporters, ape30 and sweetheart1 have made our site stand out by the outstanding work they have submitted to our site and had featured the MW homepage.We have lots o...
Catmose College - Highlights
Catmose reporters went to Leicester
The Summer Championships at Uppingham
News broadcast filmed as part of an English Lesson
St. Paul's Highlights
Here's How You Can To
This week, as part of our superhero topic, we made a movie trailer. We hope you enjoy it.
Please listen to this interview!
St Lawrence Academy Hightlights
7 set 1 - The Murder of Thomas Becket
Year 7 undertake many different activities as stated by the student comments about the trip
Prefects suggest to their peers why they should be given greater responsibility for the year and academy. Filmed by Alex, Kyle and Sam
Whitchurch Highlights
Do you want to learn how to draw the perfect portrait? Then read this story to find out how to!
This is the smackdown show for Makewaves got talent
Take a peak at my experiment on how to make homemade giant crystals. You'll be sure to love it! :)
Catmose College
St. Paul's
St Lawrence
Whitchurch Junior School
29th Oct 13 15:39
Whitchurch FM is used in a variety of ways, including the following:Classwork - application of learning -