23rd Apr 14 00:45
Edit: Just to let you know, the following blog contains ranting, stories and complaints :3 But still! Read it! And learn how dull my life is.... How did I write this blog? Wow.Bloggy bloggy bloggy. Yo...
2nd Apr 14 13:17
This year in BBC school was although not as good as last year was still fairly interesting. We did things that were interesting and got to research current world news and express our opinions on them....
1st Apr 14 22:43
Have you seen the Wham Rap Mr Michael Gove rapped on the 27th of March? Well you should! Because I, at least, was impressed that he actually rapped! I mean! He's a serious politician! Other then raps ...
28th Mar 14 17:18
hello,I am doing Boccia on the 3/4/14 on a Thursday with my friends I will let you know after the day.
27th Mar 14 16:26
Hi every 2 weeks on a Friday our form 7s have cooking and that I enjoy it so much I wish we could cook more. Our last dish was to make our own salad I ate my salad when I got home [with my family]