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On Friday 23rd June 2017 around about 56 students went to a career fair in Peterborough.
The school is a very big place
I was really nervous to get on the bus with lots of new people
I have used python to create a few games, these are only 2 of them.
My first impressions
These are my projects
At first, I was excited and nervous on my first day but now I have made many friends and met new people.
Created via the App
The first time I entered Catmose College I realised how massive it really was...
About Catmose.......
Catmose is huge, and sometimes I forget where each room is.
Here are some of my my things that have happend at Catmose over the first week....
My first impressions of Catmose
My Olympic hero has to be Sarah Storey, you can find out why below.
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