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Our School is Turning 60
Here is a timeline about spacecraft.
This is Carleton through the years!
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Niamh learned this poem for our Scottish poetry competition
Celebrating Fife 2010 Radiowaves Awards Competition
St. Andrews is one of the most interesting places in Fife so why not go there today!
We have been gathering evidence to apply for a Gold School Sport Award from Sport Scotland. We made a survey and the results of the questions can be seen in this story. We also videod some of the children and parents around the school to find out whether they enjoyed PE and why.
This is a story all about Coral the mermaid and her human friend Emily.
This is why they are awsome and the best!
We remembered the song beautifully!
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Facts about Spiders
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Carleton Site Blog
25th Feb 10 16:34
Have you looked at the fabulous power points made by the children in Primary 3! They have been doing a project about transport through the ages and decided to make power points to show how spacecraft...