Meeting Maggie Atkinson

So today, 4 champions had the chance to meet Maggie Atkinson who is the Children's Commissioner, and ask her some of our questions about what she can do to help Young Carers. It was a very good chance for us and allowed us to get her view on things.

One of the first things that was mentioned was the support in schools and how she can help to make it consistent nationwide so all Young Carers that need support in school, get it. This was something I wanted to ask as I had a really positive school experience whereas I know others haven't. Maggie gave a supportive response and as it was issue that she was enthusiastic about approaching, she gave us plenty of ideas and people to contact to try and make this happen.

The other champions had issues that were close to their hearts that they wanted to ask about. There were questions around how to support transition periods, how we find hidden Young Carers, and how we're treated by the adults who help the people we care for. To all of these enquiries, Maggie gave a positive response and pointed us in the right direction in an attempt to make things happen, as well as giving us her support and any help she can, which was great news!

Overall, it was an awesome day and I learned loads from other champions about their experiences and how the adults around us are helping every single young carer out there in every way they can. Things are definitely getting better for us!

Also, on the way back to the train station we hailed down a taxi, which I'd never done before, it was awesome.
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Lynsey says...
Great blog post - thanks for sharing. Really enjoyed reading about your take on the day. Glad that it was such a worthwhile meeting. It's brilliant that you are raising awareness about young carers and taking your views to decision makers.
02 November 13