28th October 2011

Hallowe'en is here!!!

Hallowe'en is here, so put on your gear.

Time to dress up and have fun, go guising, but you have to earn your sweets, tell a joke or sing, your choice.

Here are some poems!!!

Zombies, are most terrifying than teachers.
Witches, cackling while making a potion in there old rusty cauldrons.
Skeletons, scarier than P1's.
Filling, myself with sweets like bouncing in a massive bowl of melted chocolate.
Vampires, jumping out of the coffins.
Hallowe'en is here people are jumping out of their skins.

Now I am going to do an acrostic poem.

Hallowe'en is here,
Aliens are invading, so be careful,
Lollipop lollipop oh lolli lollipop ah dun dun dun,
Look as scary as you can be,
Orange pumpkins everywhere (freaky),
Watch the time werewolves come out at midnight,
Elephants, can be scary dress as an elephant,
Enjoy your hallowe'en night,
Nightmares begin!

Happy Hallowe'en
scary pumkin
Enter the letters correctly ...