Make this a Mozilla Open Badge and save it in your backpack
This badge is awarded to Site who have joined our Champion Schools Network - showcasing their work on Makewaves as well as helping to build and develop the community.
  1. Task 1 Champion School 2017

    Share how you use Makewaves with your school and what contributions you have made to grow the community.

    To earn this badge you will need to be a Site Publisher and have applied to become a Champion School here.

    You will need to submit a short video (1-2 minutes) explaining your use of Makewaves throughout your school - this will need to include both staff and students sharing how Makewaves is being utilised - exploring some of the points addressed within your application.

    This video should be uploaded to your Makewaves site, you will need to notify Team Makewaves when you have submitted your video for review.

    Things to consider

    • What badges you have created
    • How you use students to drive adoption of Makewaves
    • Why Makewaves?
    • The importance of social networking in your school

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