Start exploring the world of sports journalism and earn medals for the reports you create. By creating 3 reports you will earn your journalist bronze medal. They can be about anything sport related, but must use appropriate language and contain text, images and video.
  1. Task 1 1. Create a Report

    Create your first written story introducing your S2R team (or yourself) on

    Examples: Check out this example for tips and ideas.

    Top Tips: Download Storyboard and Roles & Responsibilities resource.

  2. Task 2 2. Create a Sports Report

    Develop your sports reporting skills by working on another report. By using images in your report, your story will be more interesting for the reader. These can be photographs you've taken yourself, or ones you found online. Just remember to credit where you found your photos if you get them from the internet! Here are two examples:

    Examples: Click here for example #1 and Click here for example #2.

  3. Task 3 3. Create a multimedia sports report

    Use video in your report to make your story more interesting and lively. This could include an interview, a presentation to camera or even footage from an event.

    Examples: Watch this example sports report.

    Top Tips: Download Camera Angles Resource.

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