The activity- Make objects move (without touching them) by charging them with static electricity. Experiment with different objects to see how static electricity affects them. Learn about charged particles like electrons and how things gain or lose charge. What you’ll need: A balloon, a cotton towel, T-shirt or a woolly jumper, some scrap paper, a plastic drinking straw (optional), an empty 500ml plastic drinks bottle (optional), a hard plastic comb or ruler (optional)
  1. Task 1 What to do...

    Charge up a balloon and try picking up scraps of paper with it.
    Investigate whether the amount you rub the balloon affects how much paper it can pick up.
    Investigate whether the size of the scraps of paper makes a difference.
    Find out how close you have to be to the paper before the balloon makes it move.
    Try bending a stream of water like Hector does in the video.
    Try balancing a straw on top of a bottle lid and seeing if you can make it spin like in the video.
    Find out which objects are attracted to the charged up balloon and which are repelled by it.
    Try holding a charged balloon near your hair or your skin.

  2. Task 2 Explain the Science...

    Tell me what you know... ( Try using the words: positive electric charge, negative electric charge, repel and attract).

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