This badge recognizes the ability to design and export a .STL file in TinkerCad, and prepare and print the file on a 3D printer.
  1. Task 1 3D Object Design

    • Locate & access Tinkercad software
    Create object:
    • Place and/or combine basic shapes on Workplace
    • Demonstrate View and Zoom skills
    • Demonstrate Sizing to specific dimensions
    • Demonstrate Undo function
    • Demonstrate Copy & Duplicate functions
    • Demonstrate Group & Ungroup functions
    • Demonstrate Hole function
    • Name and Save file
    • Export file as .STL
    • Upload .STL file to

  2. Task 2 Printer operation

    • Describe safety precautions to burns and eye injury
    • Prepare print bed: Clean surface, bed clipped in place (if removable)
    • Show the filament spool installed, sufficient material available?
    • Initialize printer (through switch or software)
    • Explain LED indicator light statuses: Solid Red; Solid Green; Flashing Modes; Alternate Color Strobing
    • Preheat platform (15 minutes minimum; 3D Print menu)
    • Successfully load 3D object (.STL) file (Correctly loaded model displayed in grey; incorrectly loaded in red)
    • Demonstrate appropriate placement on platform (Centering recommended); Use Move function to changes distances along axes
    • Demonstrate ability to Rotate and Scale (software functions)
    • Demonstrate knowledge and rationale for basic print quality options: 1) Fill Settings; 2) Quality
    • Demonstrate knowledge/use of Pause/Print function
    • Post photo of printed object on

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