2: My healthy living challenge
  1. Task 1 Fantastic Fruit

    Pick two challenges from the Fantastic Fruit challenge below to complete: Next time you’re in the supermarket with your mum or dad, see how many fruits you can name. What is your favourite fruit? Tell us about it in the text box.

    • Can you think of a fruit that begins with the same letter as your name? Such as Keith the Kiwi or Poppy the Pineapple? Can you draw a picture of some fruity characters? Upload it so we can see.
    • Try an unusual fruit you haven’t tried before. Tell us what you thought of it in the text box.
    • Ask an adult to help you make a smoothie (keep it to 150 ml to avoid too much sugar, it will also count as one of your 5 A Day!) with different fruits. You could also freeze the mixture in moulds to make healthy lollies. Take a picture or tell us what your recipe is.
    • Are you getting your 5 A Day fruit and veg? Can you take photos of the different veg you eat in a day and share it with us?

  2. Task 2 Mad about veg

    What about your vegetables? Pick two challenges from the Mad about Veg challenge below to complete:

    • How many vegetables can you name? What are your favourite vegetables? Tell us why it’s your favourite by adding a text note as evidence for this task.
    • Adventurous veggies - try a vegetable you haven’t tried before! Tell us what you thought of it!
    • Why not have some raw veg as snacks and try them with a healthy dip, like hummus? Tell us what you thought by adding a text note as evidence for this task.
    • Try picking three different coloured vegetables to have on your plate, such as orange carrots, green cucumber and red pepper. Take a picture of your colourful plate and share it with us!
    • Find out where different vegetables come from and how they grow. Tell us three new things you’ve learned about different vegetables by adding a text note as evidence for this task.
    • Plant some seeds such as lettuce (which can be grown in a window box). Take a picture to show us your new mini-garden.

  3. Task 3 Time to get moving!

    How many 10 Minute Shake Ups can you fit into your day? Find inspiration on the Change4Life website.

    Can you invent your own 10 Minute Shake Up? Why not draw or write out the instructions for how to complete it and share it with us by adding a text note?

    How many of the Daily Dance challenges below can you complete this week? Click the link under this task to download the sheet.

    • Put on some of your favourite music and dance around the kitchen or in front of your bedroom mirror! Do this with a friend and take it in turns to pick a song.
    • Ask an adult to help you find a dance video you can learn together.
    • Make up a dance – base it on themes like ‘different types of animal’ or ‘dances from other countries’.
    • Why not get up and dance during advert breaks if you’re watching TV this week?

  4. Task 4 How are you getting on?

    Look back at your Healthy Minds Timetable you completed as part of task 2 in the ‘My healthy pledge badge’.

    Tick each time you made a healthier food choice or got moving. How well did you do?

    Did some of the tasks in this badge help you to think of more ways you can eat well and move more?

    Take a photo of your timetable at the end of the week and upload it, and tell us how well you did by adding a text note .

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