3: My healthy future
  1. Task 1 Make your campaign materials

    Your job is to run a campaign that will tell your school community how they can make healthier choices. You could create:

    Once you’ve created something, ask your teacher if you could share it with your class.

    Why not take a picture and upload it here to show everyone what you’ve created or tell us what people thought about your campaign by adding a text note?

  2. Task 2 Time to celebrate

    Since starting the ‘My healthy pledge badge', what things have you done to help you to eat well and move more?

    What are you most proud of?

    Think about your future and tell us what you can continue to do to stay healthy.

    Ask an adult to print off the Celebration Certificate (linked below) for you. Congratulations!

  3. Task 3 Task 3: What do you think?

    Add a text note to tell us what you thought of your Our Healthy Year badge missions.

    What did you enjoy?

    Was there anything that was challenging or tricky?

    Would you tell your friends to give it a try?

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