It is time to improve your times table knowledge! Choose a times table that you don't feel very confident with and lets get practicing...
  1. Task 1 Bronze

    1. Take a picture of your multiplication facts written in the correct order
    (added challenge: can you write the 3 other multiplication facts for each multiplication fact?)
    2. Video yourself chanting or singing your multiplication facts. Forward and backwards!

  2. Task 2 Silver

    1. Prove that you know your multiplication facts out of order.
    - Could you upload a video of you answering a quick fire question round?
    - Can you play around the world with your family and friends at home and show us how you beat everyone?
    - Fill in a multiplication grid in record speed!

  3. Task 3 Gold

    Present it!

    At the end of a maths lesson present your gold knowledge! For your chosen times table you need to show that you are confident with each of the related division facts for each of the multiplication facts.

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