Calling all Sports Councilors. You are needed for a persuasive task! Our school has been lucky enough to receive a small pot of money that can be spent on new playground equipment. Your challenge is to persuade Mrs McDowell to buy the playground equipment that you want the most!
  1. Task 1 Persuade me!

    How are you going to persuade Mrs McDowell to buy your favourite equipment for our school?

    Things for you to consider...
    1. What do I need to know about your equipment?
    2. Will it be suitable for all of the children in our school?
    3. How could it be used?
    4. Is it going to last a long time?

  2. Task 2 Prove it!

    In how many ways can you prove that your equipment choice deserves to win?

    Do you already have similar equipment at home? If so, can you upload a picture or video of you using it?
    Can you show me how this equipment will be used for games on the playground?

    Extra challenge: Create your own game, that we can play on the playground, involving your equipment.

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