To earn your Silver Forest School badge you need to earn a total of 10 points. Select from any of the tasks below to make up your 10 point total. If you have already done your bronze badge, you cannot do the same challenges again. Upload photographic or video evidence to show that you have completed the challenges.
  1. Task 1 1 point challenges

    •Hug a tree
    •Climb a tree
    •Roll or slide down a hill
    •Make leaf and/or bark rubbings
    •Identify 5 trees from their leaves. Make a poster with the leaves and tree names
    •Learn how to tie a Prusik knot, a clove hitch and a sheet bend.
    •Go on a seasonal walk. Can you find things from nature to match all the colours of the rainbow?

  2. Task 2 2 point challenges

    •Use sticks and lashing to make a frame for a kite. Cover with a suitable material and try to fly it on a windy day
    •Go on a country walk. Collect items from nature and tie them onto a stick, starting from the top to represent the start of your journey, and finishing at the bottom. Remember, don’t pick anything, only use things that have fallen
    •Make a bird feeder out of natural materials
    •Organise a nature treasure hunt for your friends or family
    •Write a nature inspired poem
    •Using a whittling knife (with an adult), whittle a stick person. Give it some clothes made from things in nature
    •Make a house for a wood fairy or elf
    •Make a poster to show that you know how to either: light a fire safely; or use tools like a whittling knife or bow saw safely
    •Build an obstacle course for your friends or family. Make a trophy to award to the winner
    •Use natural materials to create a piece of sculpture in the style of Andy Goldsworthy.

  3. Task 3 3 point challenges

    •Use a ridge line and tarpaulin to build a shelter using correct knots. If you are allowed, you could try sleeping out in it!
    •Build a small camp fire and light it safely without using matches. Ask the adult present to take a photo or video clip of you lighting it using the correct fire safety stance. Can you toast marshmallows over it? Make sure you have a bucket of water handy to put the fire out afterwards – never leave a fire burning unattended!
    •Use a saw and/or whittling knife to make some puppets for a theatre show. Ask the adult present to take a photo of you using tools safely. Film your puppet show. Make sure it is an interesting story that we want to watch. Remember, the whole school will be able to watch it!
    •Compose a piece of music to reflect sounds in nature
    •Make a bug hotel

    Any of these challenges undertaken with Scouts/Brownies/Guides will also earn you points for your Forest School badges.

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