Welcome to Makewaves, Year 6! I think you're going to have fun and learn lots from using this site. You'll get to upload digital content like photos and videos, create blogs, stories and online polls and generally learn some good tips for safe internet use. It's particularly useful for those who are likely to go on and use sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc in future years as you'll learn lots about e-safety. If you have any questions about any of the badges, make sur...
  1. Task 1 Where Do I Sign?

    Ok, so you've heard us talking about Makewaves and how good it is. To complete this task you'll need to:
    a) Sign up
    b) Create a safe profile
    c) Choose a suitable avatar or profile picture
    d) Customise your page

    A screenshot will be needed as your evidence.

  2. Task 2 Be Proud Of Your Work!

    The children in our school are great - and in Year 6, we know that you work incredibly hard! So, why not use your Makewaves page to celebrate your very best piece of work!

    It could be your neatest page of handwriting, a piece of science work that was displayed on the board, a really nice piece of Lunar work or a page of maths that you are very proud of.

    Take a picture of it, upload it and don't forget to explain what the piece of work is. (What lesson was it? What was the task? How did you do it? What did your teacher say about your work? How do you feel when you look at it?)

  3. Task 3 It's Nice To Be Nice!

    So, now everyone has a piece of work on their profile page.

    One of the many great things about Makewaves is that you can leave a nice comment about someone's work to give them a bit of encouragement and confidence.

    Give it a try!

  4. Task 4 I've Got 876 Friends!

    Sorry pal, you haven't - you've just added every single person you could find online!

    I'm sure we've all heard teenagers getting very excited about having hundreds and hundreds of 'friends' on their list. The truth is that lots of these people are almost complete strangers to them.

    Sadly, many internet users see their friends list as a competition. It isn't.

    I'd much rather have thirty people on my list and actually know and like those people than have a small army of 'friends' and have practically no idea who half of them are!

    For this task, add some friends to your list. I'm not going to give you a minimum or maximum amount because that's the whole point of this task. It's you who makes the decision about who you add or who you accept.

    Good luck and make wise choices.

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