Here are your WW2 missions to complete. You will see a variety of different tasks. Some we will do for homework, some we will do in class. All of them must be completed by Autumn half term. When you have completed them you will be a WW2 expert and will be awarded this badge.
  1. Task 1 The Treaty of Versailles

    Create a spider diagram (either digitally or on paper) that sets out information on the Treaty of Versailles. Then upload it to onto makewaves.

    You should include:
    - What the treaty was
    - What the treaty said
    - How different groups of people felt about it
    - How it is linked to WW2

  2. Task 2 Timeline

    Pot the events that relate to the Nazi rise to power on a timeline. Take a photo and upload it here.

  3. Task 3 War Poster

    Can you design a helpful poster that encourages people either to 'black out' their houses, or to grow their own fruit and vegetables? Think carefully about the language and images that you use to make your point.

  4. Task 4 Your Opinion

    Can you create a first person account from the point of view of someone currently living in London during the Blitz. You can capture your evidence for this however you want. The following questions will help you;
    - How has life changed?
    - Have you had to make changes to your house?
    - Is school different?
    - How has shopping changed?
    - How has the war affected your family?

  5. Task 5 Why did the Allies win?

    Using any form of evidence you want, demonstrate why the allies won WW2.

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