Earn this badge by making something happen by pressing buttons or shaking this wonderful mini computer. It has a processor and lots of inputs and outputs.
  1. Task 1 Inputs and Outputs

    When you press a button you want something to happen.
    In this task you will explore the microbit website and get some animals to appear.
    1. Click on https://makecode.microbit.org
    2. Click on BASIC from the icons and then SHOW ICON.
    3. Choose your favourite animal picture from the DROPDOWN list
    4. Click on INPUT and ON BUTTON A PRESSED
    5. Link the 2 blocks together
    6. Click on Button A on the Microbit picture to make your animal appear.

    Can you make the animal flash on and off?
    Can you make a 2nd animal appear after the first one?

    Add a picture of your program to the evidence folder to show us at Makewaves.

    Happy programming

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