World Alzheimer’s Day (September 21st) is a day on which people around the world concentrate their efforts on raising awareness about dementia. Show how you have taken part in World Alzheimer's Day activities by earning this digital badge.
  1. Task 1 What is Dementia ?

    Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia, a group of disorders that impacts a person's memory and thinking.

    Watch the ‘Memories with Grandma video’ made by the Alzheimer’s society, 2017.

    Tell us the 5 key facts a dementia friend should know.

  2. Task 2 The Memory Activity

    You will need:
    1 person to run the activity
    1 or more people to take part
    A timer or clock
    10 objects (HINT: use items from different areas of your classroom or home if you can).
    Something to cover up your objects (a blanket, towel or jumper).

    1. Decide who will run the activity and who will take part this time

    If you are running the activity:
    2. Collect your objects together into a space and cover them up.
    3. Explain the rules of the activity to your group or partner

    The Rules
    - Your group or partner will be able to look at the items for 1 minute before the group should close their eyes.
    - The person running the activity will take one item away and keep it hidden.
    - No peeking!
    - You can’t write down what the items you've seen are.

    4. Set your timer for 1 minute, remove the cover, and get your group or partner to have a good look at your items.
    5. Ask your group or partner to cover their eyes, whilst you take one item away (keep this item well out of view).
    6. Ask your group to open their eyes, can they guess which item has been taken away?
    7. Keep going with new items until everyone has had a turn.

    8. Once everyone has had a turn answer the questions below:
    Did you remember which item had been taken away?
    If you couldn’t remember which item had been taken away, how did this make you feel?
    Do you think this would be a similar feeling for someone with dementia?
    Why do you think this?

    resources from The Alzheimer's Society.

  3. Task 3 What can you do make your school or community more dementia friendly?

    Make a poster, video or audio recording. Include your ideas about what you could do to make your community more dementia friendly. You can make use of the most information you have come across in the earlier tasks too!

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