By completing Safe Level Two you have learnt to: Use the web to search for and present research on a chosen topic. Understand how copyright affects media you publish on the web. Use your awareness of different forms of media, to help present appropriately to a range of audiences. Ensure your Digital Footprint is represented positively across the web. Leave constructive criticism
  1. Task 1 Safe Researcher

    You must research a topic online using safe searching skills, interpret research material in own words and understand copyright.

    For your evidence, submit any form of media as your evidence, be this a blog, story or video.

    Be conscious of your audience and how you will present your research.

  2. Task 2 Safe Planning

    You will have explored a variety of multimedia making tools throughout the course of Lesson 2.2. Use your findings to create and document your plan for your project.

    For your evidence, submit your media plan, including the roles and responsibilities for each of your group members. Your plan also needs to identify the tools you will be using in order to create your submission.

  3. Task 3 Safe Sharing

    What's the first place you would think to search when looking for content online? Youtube? Wikipedia? Pinterest? Think about where you could share your media, safely!

    Once you've explored how to share your content across the social web, in a safe and secure format.

    For your evidence, submit your thinking about the concerns you faced during the sharing process and the impact the ‘publication’ of your media may have on your Digital Footprint.

  4. Task 4 Safe Reporter

    You understand how to write constructive feedback, and the environments where this is appropriate. You are also aware of who to tell and where to report hurtful or harmful material on the internet.

    For your evidence, share 3 ways in which you could report hurtful or harmful material on the internet.

  5. Task 5 Safe Reflection

    Now that you have reached the end of the Level Two resources, look back over your learning, and think about the key points that have been addressed through your interaction with the Social Web.

    For your evidence, add the score you received at the end of the quiz as your evidence for this task.

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