By completing Safe Level One you have learnt to: Set up an appropriate online profile and choose a safe username and password. Write a profile which considers personal safety and protects privacy. Create or choose an appropriate image for your profile. Write an appropriate blog with image. Understand the difference between making friends online and face to face. Write constructive comments.
  1. Task 1 Safe Profile

    You have worked through Lesson 1.1 with your teacher and set up your own profile within Makewaves, including an avatar, description about yourself and a safe username to share with your school community.

    For your evidence, submit a link to your profile page.

  2. Task 2 Safe Blogging

    Throughout Lesson 1.2: Blogging, you have explored what a blog is and begun to develop your ideas for writing your own blog.

    For your evidence, submit a post you have written on Makewaves.

    Remember to include an appropriate image to reflect what you have written about. Perhaps you could write about how what you have learnt contributes to a Safe Blog. Use this post as evidence for your badge.

  3. Task 3 Safe Collaborator

    A great way to create digital content on the social web is with your peers. This task asks you to create a post, but in collaboration with someone in your class. Find something you both share a passion for, and share it with the Makewaves community. What will you write about?

    For your evidence, submit a post you have written on Makewaves.

  4. Task 4 Safe Geolocation

    Whilst working through this lesson you have explored how location services on GPS-enabled devices can accurately plot your location on a global map. By creating and sharing your Safe-Bot, you will have thought about both the positive and negative implications of this feature.

    For your evidence, share a photo of your Safe-Bot with the important Geolocation Message you shared with the world!

  5. Task 5 Safe Family

    To complete this task you will work with a family member and create a safe, secure social networking account for them on Makewaves. To do this they will need to join your school as a Guest and create their Safe Profile, Password and Avatar image.

    For your evidence, You will need to share a link to their completed profile page.

    Remember to follow the same rules as you would if this was your own account. Using the 'Add Text' field add a link to the Profile Page of your family member.

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