My healthy pledge
  1. Task 1 Sienna's day

    Sienna needs your help to make healthier choices! Ask an adult to print off the ‘Sienna’s day’ worksheet for you, and follow the instructions on the sheet to complete it.

    Ask an adult to help you take a picture when you’ve finished and upload it here, or write out your answers in the text box.

    Optional Activity
    If you want to learn even more, why not try completing the 'Portion Distortion worksheet too?

  2. Task 2 Move More

    How many minutes of activity should children aim to do each day?

    Do your friends know the answer?

  3. Task 3 Over to you!

    Ask an adult to print off a Healthy Minds timetable for you. Fill in this blank timetable to reflect your school week. Try to find opportunities throughout the week to eat well and move more to improve your overall well-being. For example, can you do a 10 Minute Shake Up in your morning break time and have a fruit snack?

    Decorate your timetable as much or as little as you want, and then upload a picture of it!

    Put your timetable somewhere easy to see, like on the fridge or by your bed. You’ll be coming back to it in your next badge…

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