Find out more about Shakespeare through making a home for him to live in. If Art’s your thing then this is the badge for you.
  1. Task 1 Create Shakespeare's House

    William Shakespeare was born in Stratford-upon-Avon in 1564. The house where he was born still stands today and you can visit it. William lived in this house with his parents, brothers and sisters.

    When William Shakespeare had made his fortune as an actor and a playwright in London, he returned to Stratford and bought one of the largest and most expensive houses in Stratford called New Place. This house is no longer standing but you can come and visit the site where it stood.

    Take a look at the pictures of Shakespeare's homes on the video below. You can see that New Place was much bigger than where he was born!

    Shakespeare's house

    Can you be a master builder? Your task is to create one of Shakespeare’s homes (either the Birthplace or New Place).

    You can build it using building blocks, cardboard boxes, Lego bricks, Minecraft or simply draw it with a pen and paper! The choice is yours!

    Take a photograph, screenshot, scan or video of your house as evidence.

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