Explore the world Shakespeare created in The Tempest by designing an island for a truly magical character.
  1. Task 1 Design Prospero’s Island

    One of the best children’s authors and illustrators, Marcia Williams, has written comic books of Shakespeare’s plays. They’re great fun and make Shakespeare easier to understand. Why not read Marcia’s version of The Tempest?

    Marcia Williams’ comic page 1
    Marcia Williams’ comic page 2

    Your task is to draw or make Prospero’s magical island.

    You might like to include:

    Magical Creatures
    The Sea

    Time to get your thinking caps on... be as creative as you like. You could use books and images to investigate what an island might look like.

    You can use a photograph, scanned picture or video as evidence.

    Illustrations ©1998 Marcia Williams from Mr William Shakespeare's Plays, published and reproduced by permission of Walker Books Ltd. All rights reserved.

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