Get to grips with one of Shakespeare's plays, bringing it right up to date comic-strip style!
  1. Task 1 Create your own comic strip for The Tempest

    Many people have written books on Shakespeare’s plays. One of the best children’s authors and illustrators, Marcia Williams, has written comic book versions of Shakespeare’s plays. They’re great fun and make Shakespeare easier to understand. Read Marcia’s version of The Tempest below.

    Marcia Williams’ comic page 1
    Marcia Williams’ comic page 2

    Now it’s your turn to create a comic strip just like Marcia! However, you only have 8 boxes to retell the whole of The Tempest! Are you up for the challenge?

    Create your own Tempest comic strip

    If you prefer, rather than putting pen to paper, you could create your comic strip on the computer using a programme such as Comic Life.

    Scan your paper comic strip, take a photograph of your comic strip or take a screenshot as evidence.

    Illustrations © 1998 Marcia Williams from Mr William Shakespeare’s Plays, published and reproduced by permission of Walker Books Ltd. All rights reserved.

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