Step into Shakespeare's world as you find out about some of his characters from The Tempest. Design a collection of beautiful costumes for them in your very own fashion show.
  1. Task 1 Costume Designs for The Tempest

    Can you complete the Mannequin Challenge?

    Take on the role of a costume designer, bringing The Tempest’s characters to life as you create outfits perfect for the play’s biggest stars.

    Will you dress Prospero to strut in style as he takes centre stage, clothe Ariel in mystical mode or kit out Alonso in fashion fit for a king? The choice is yours! Using the character descriptions and mannequin templates, add flair and style to each character’s wardrobe and lead them into the limelight. O brave new world, that has such people in’t...

    Costume Design for The Tempest

    You can use a photograph, scanned picture or video as evidence.

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