This creative challenge will encourage you to imagine the opening scene from one of Shakespeare's plays, The Tempest. Explore a range of styles and techniques before creating your own stormscape picture.
  1. Task 1 Stormscapes

    “Many years ago on a mystical isle, young Miranda and her loving father, Prospero, watched as a ship foundered in a fierce and terrible tempest. Prospero had been preparing for this moment for years, developing his magic powers from a rare book until he could control the elements. Miranda suspected her father had caused the storm, but had no idea why such a gentle man should wish to harm anyone. So Prospero revealed how he and his daughter had been cast away on the island, 12 years before…..”

    You have just read the opening paragraph of Marcia Williams’ retelling of Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

    Marcia Williams’ comic page 1
    Marcia Williams’ comic page 2

    As you can see, the play The Tempest takes its name from the terrible storm and shipwreck watched by Miranda and her father Prospero on a mystical isle. There is a famous picture on the cover page of The Tempest within The Complete Works of Mr William Shakespeare which was edited by Nicholas Rowe about 100 years after Shakespeare wrote it (see below). This picture depicts the terrible storm and shipwreck.

    Your task is to have a go at creating your own storm artwork with whatever materials you choose.

    You might like to include Prospero conjuring up the storm or to concentrate on this dramatic seascape. The choice is yours!

    Upload a photograph or scanned document as evidence.

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