To earn this badge, you will need to create and 'teach' a lesson or activity to your classmates!
  1. Task 1 Your Lesson plan

    Create a simple lesson plan of what you will be teaching your class. The 'lesson' can be any time from 15 minutes to 60 minutes and it can be taught by a single person or a group of 5 maximum. Each individual needs to have a clear role. Include in the plan:

    • Who will you will be teaching?
    • Topic: what subject/concepts/ideas you intend to teach?
    • Skills: what will the audience be able to do after your lesson?

    Suggested Subjects
    • Coding Skills
    • Cyber Security
    • Design
    • Scratch
    • Social Media

    Using your Lesson plan teach your class about your chosen skill - upload a photo of you in action as your evidence! (Remember to also upload a copy of your lesson plan as well)

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