Using a green screen allows you to transport someone to a place they wouldn't normally go.Earn a badge by making some green screen content. You can choose between a video or a still image. There are some videos to help you. Good luck.
  1. Task 1 Research

    There are several green screen images and movies on this Makewaves site. have a look at them and see if you can work out how they are created. Add some of your ideas in to the evidence section.

  2. Task 2 Method

    Watch the introductory video. and think about what sort of green screen content you will be creating. It could be a video or a still image. You can get some more ideas from this website.

  3. Task 3 Create it

    Get all the things you need together

    1. Suitable background image
    2. iPad with the correct app on
    3. People or objects to be in it.

    Be creative, save your work and post your evidence here.
    Good luck film makers.

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