This badge is awarded to students who have developed basic skills using an online CAD (Computer Aided Design) program called BlocksCAD. It uses blocks of code that are linked together to create a program. This program is used to create a 2D or 3D object. These can be exported to a 3d printer.
  1. Task 1 Exploring the program!

    Load the program BlocksCAD
    Click on the gallery menu MENU and have a good look at what can be made on this program
    HOVER your mouse over items to rotate them
    Click on the TAGS at the side to explore the gallery items

  2. Task 2 Task 2: Create some 2D shapes

    In the 2D shapes menu you are able to choose between square and circle. You will be able to create other shapes by joining these together
    Watch video 1 and try creating a square and a rectangle. Move it around using some of the commands such as Translate. Watch video 2 (by searching the posts on this blog) and create your own shape by using a circle and a square.
    Add a 'screen print' of your work as evidence.

  3. Task 3 Task 3: Create some 3D shapes

    You will need to understand that by including the 'z axis' in the creation of a shape you can make it 3D. For example a cube would be x=10 y=10 and z=10
    Create a 3 shape of your own.
    Add a second 3D shape and click on 'render' so they both appear
    Use the 'Set Ops' menu to explore the 4 block commands in this menu
    Make a 'screen print' to add a s evidence for this badge

    You can now SUBMIT your evidence to see if you have achieved this badge. Good luck.

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