One of the most iconic creatures in the world - the Panda! Help share your understanding of how we can help to protect this important animal out there in the wild!
  1. Task 1 Be a Panda (obviously)

    So quite simply, show us your best panda impressions! You could create a mask, dress up as a Panda, use some face paints - or generally just show us your best impression!

  2. Task 2 Where do they live?

    Find out where pandas live and create a short report about their habitat and environment. You might want to include:

    • The country/countries in which they can be found
    • The food they eat
    • What is being done to help protect them in the wild

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  3. Task 3 An endangered species

    As you will have found out when creating your report in Task 2, Pandas as an endangered species.

    But what does this actually mean?

    Share your understanding of why pandas are endangered and what is being done (and what more could be done) to help protect them!

    Hint - it might have something to do with the food they eat

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