World Penguin Day is celebrated on 25th April 2017 to mark the annual northward migration of penguins. Take this badge to investigate and share your knowledge of penguins!
  1. The Penguin

    Share your knowledge and understanding of Penguins (don't forget there are lots of different types!). You will need to include information about their:

    • Diet/Prey
    • Stages of the lifecycle
    • Any other interesting facts

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  2. Habitat

    Can you write a few sentences about a penguins habitat?

    Think about:

    • What the conditions are like
    • What the landscape is like
    • The weather

    Penguins are adapted to their habitats. This means that they have special features that help them to survive. Explain how a penguin has adapted to its habitat.

  3. Get creative

    Create your own Penguin - this could be an illustration, a model or perhaps you will choose to make digital art!

    We're looking forward to seeing all of your awesome creations.

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