World Penguin Day is celebrated on 25th April 2017 to mark the annual northward migration of penguins. Take this badge to investigate and share your knowledge of penguins!
  1. Task 1 The Penguin

    Share your knowledge and understanding of Penguins (don't forget there are lots of different types!). You will need to include information about their:

    • Diet/Prey
    • Stages of the lifecycle
    • Any other interesting facts

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  2. Task 2 Habitat

    Can you write a few sentences about a penguins habitat?

    Think about:

    • What the conditions are like
    • What the landscape is like
    • The weather

    Penguins are adapted to their habitats. This means that they have special features that help them to survive. Explain how a penguin has adapted to its habitat.

  3. Task 3 Get creative

    Create your own Penguin - this could be an illustration, a model or perhaps you will choose to make digital art!

    We're looking forward to seeing all of your awesome creations.

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