To earn this badge you need to show you have participated and shown your support in the fight against Antibiotic Resistance.
  1. Task 1 Participate

    You need to have completed and provide evidence of ONE of the following of your choice:

    • Complete the e-Bug games or host/participate in a debate using the e-Bug Antibiotic debate kit.
    • Produce either a poster, presentation or video showcasing your knowledge on Antibiotics and Antibiotic resistance. You can use these resources to help you.
    • Join over 47,000 adults by choosing one of these promises of how you can help do your part in the fight against antibiotic resistance
    • Attended a presentation, lecture or school lesson on Antimicrobial resistance.

    Your evidence could be photographs or a video of you carrying out one of the activities, or a copy of your presentation that you have created. You can also upload screenshots or copy and paste your promise using the text evidence option. If you have attended a lecture/lesson, your evidence can be details of the presenter, the date and one thing you remember from the lesson.

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