To earn your Technology Challenger badge you need to investigate how technology has changed in the past, and imagine how it could change our world in the future.
  1. Task 1 Old vs. new

    Find an example of a piece of technology that has changed over time.

    Hint: It might be a new mobile phone compared with an old one, a new cycle lane, a hybrid car or an energy efficient light bulb.

    How to complete the badge:
    • Find pictures of your chosen technology and display them in pairs to show before and after views.
    • Add captions to explain why this is an improvement.

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  2. Task 2 Look to the future

    Write a blog post about how technologies may change your life in the future. Think about the self-driving car, virtual reality, 3D printing or drone deliveries – how will this change the way humans live and work?

    Encourage your friends to blog about your ideas and get them to share theirs too.

    How to complete the badge:
    • Write a blog post between 200-500 words
    • Include information about the pros and cons of the new technology
    • Explain how this could change human lives in the future

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