Bring Shakespeare to life through sounds and song. Make as much noise as you like as you create your own storm and shipwreck sound effects and learn a new song called "Shakespeare Rocks"!
  1. Task 1 Making Music: The Tempest Soundscape

    Be not afeard. This isle is full of noises.

    This quote from The Tempest was part of the London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony. But what were the noises on the island? It’s time for you to decide!

    Can you hear the rustling of trees, the sea lapping on the beach, raindrops pattering on the sea, birds singing, animals screeching or the waves crashing on the shore? Is your island a peaceful island with whispering voices and gentle sounds or a loud island with scary, crashing noises?

    Your task is to create your own sounds for Prospero’s island! You might like to get your friends to help you.

    The Sounds of Shakespeare

    Record and upload your sounds as evidence in a video or audio file.

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  2. Task 2 Learning Music: Learn and Perform a Shakespeare Song

    Musicline has written a fabulous musical called "Shakespeare Rocks"! The composer of the musical, Steve Titford, has written a brand new song especially for Shakespeare Week.

    Now it’s time for you to rock with Shakespeare and learn a new song.

    Shakespearian Music: Musicline songs and lyrics

    Step 1: Listen to the vocal track as many times as you like
    Step 2: Learn the lyrics using either the written version or Sing It!
    Step 3: When you’re confident with the words, try singing along to the backing track
    Step 4: Gather your audience and rock out (dancing optional!)

    Record and upload an audio or video file as evidence.

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