A Gold Award for Excellent Blogging.
  1. Task 1 15 More Blogs

    For this task you must write an additional 15 blogs on Makewaves with multiple images and sounds in each of them, make it interesting and easy to read! After this you must copy and paste a link to one of your blogs and we will look through to see if you've done enough in your blogs to finish this task.

  2. Task 2 Comment on someone else's blog

    It's always nice to have constructive feedback about your blogs, so for this task you must leave a positive comment about 10 other peoples blogs on their profiles, to submit this evidence you must write down the usernames of the 10 people whose blogs you have commented on. We will then check the work and you will have finished this task.

  3. Task 3 J2Webby Blogs

    For this task you will need to write another 10 blogs but on J2Webby. Once again these blogs must be interesting, and must differ to your other blogs. Include sound and images. Then you will need to type "Done" in the evidence text box so that we can look and see if you have done them all. After this you will earn your Gold Blogging Badge!

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