Create memes that support copyright reform! You’ll learn how to use pictures from the public domain to gain a better understanding of the implications of outdated copyright law.
  1. Task 1 Make a meme!

    Copyright sounds like a single thing but it's actually more like a bundle of sticks. If you own the "copyright" in a work of art, that means that you can prevent others from:

    • Making reproductions of the work
    • Distributing the work
    • Making derivatives of the work
    • Displaying the work
    • Performing the work

    Copyright law varies from country to country, but these 5 things are generally the same.

    How to earn this badge
    • Open up this link to go to Thimble
    • Click on the green icon in the corner of the screen and then click Remix
    • Follow the steps in the tutorial. The tutorial will walk you through how to make changes to the image and the text
    • Done! Once you're finished, you can save your work and share it

    What you need to upload as evidence

    You need to upload your meme as evidence for this task.

    Teachers and team leaders, click here for more details about this activity.


    Publish your meme as a picture shared on social media or a “membase” - a site that hosts memes - like imgflip. Use the #makerparty hashtag.

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