Take part in World Antibiotic Awareness Week and European Antibiotic Awareness Day activities by earning this Digital Badge as a family.
  1. Task 1 How do germs spread?

    Watch the e-Bug video and complete the e-Bug spread of germs activity in small groups. The spread of germs activity can be carried out with glitter, instead of the special gel used in the video.

    Create a story on Makewaves that demonstrates what you learned and submit this as evidence.

    Your story could include a video to help others understand how germs spread, informative text following your experiment or a series of photographs showing what you tested and what you discovered.

    Adults download free KS1, KS2 resources here and KS2 resources here.

    If you would like to explore these resources further, you could take and earn your the School Nurse Flu Fighters 1 badge

  2. Task 2 Washing Your Hands

    Watch this short animated video on hand washing and practice washing your hands using the six steps of hand washing. You can also download this poster that breaks it down into six steps.

    Upload a video of you demonstrating how to wash your hands.

  3. Task 3 Encourage 2 to 5 members of your family or family friends to become Antibiotic Guardians

    For this task, watch the Antibiotic Guardian video with your parents/carers, grandparents, older siblings, uncles, aunties, family friends (you can also send them website name so they can watch from anywhere including their mobile devices). Encourage them to choose a pledge (promise) on the website and sign up to become Antibiotic Guardians

    Tell them to choose Junior/Family AG in the "how did you hear about us" section of the website

    For evidence: in the box below tell us how many adults you watched video with or send links to and who they are.

    For example: I watched the video with 3 adults - my mum, grandpa and older sister and I sent the link to 5 of my uncles and aunties/ parents friends

    For additional evidence you can upload photographs of the adults holding their certificates, screenshot/printed picture.

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