To earn this badge and become a Young Antibiotic Guardian; you need to showcase your knowledge of Antibiotics and Antibiotic Resistance. This is part of activities for WHO's World Antibiotic Awareness Week and European Antibiotic Awareness Day in November of each year
  1. Task 1 e-Bug Games or Debate Kit

    For this task, you should either complete e-Bug games or host/participate in a debate using the e-Bug Antibiotic debate kit. You should upload your evidence as described in your age category.

    Complete super fun e-Bug Games using the link below. To evidence your work you should collect 2 e-Bug bots by gaining at least 500 coins. Upload a screenshot of your coins or e-Bug bots.

    Games for junior students (aged under 11) – Click Here

    e-Bug Antibiotic debate kit for senior students (11+) Click Here

    For this task, you should host or participate in a debate using the e-Bug Antibiotic debate kit – To evidence your work, take a photo or video of your debate.

  2. Task 2 I am a Young Antibiotic Guardian

    For this task, produce either a poster, powerpoint or video showcasing your knowledge on Antibiotics and Antibiotic resistance. Use the resources below to gather information for your piece of work. Once you have completed your research and poster/presentation/video, upload it as badge evidence. The title of your poster, presentation or video should be I am a Young Antibiotic Guardian

    Take a look at some resources to help you along the way.

    Senior Antibiotic Revision Guide

    Extension / challenge opportunity for task 2 - if you have had a session with your school nurse, include a comment, film with the School Nurse, highlight, image etc.

  3. Task 3 Choose a promise

    Finally join over 32,000 adults by choosing one of the promises below of how you can help do your part in the fight against antibiotic resistance (choose any one or two promises that you want to try and keep). Copy and paste the one or two promises into the box below

    If you would like to; you can also produce a video of you reading out your promise starting by saying I am a Young Antibiotic Guardian and I promise to......

    Upload this evidence as text or video.

    To find out more about the adult promises (pledges) visit the Antibiotic Guardian website with your parents/carer or teachers.

    Suggested Promises

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