This Mission is all about rockets! You'll be learning about how rockets work & then building and launching your own! By completing this Mission you will earn the “Build & Launch A Rocket” badge from the Science Museum.If you're a Team Leader & haven't downloaded the Resources you need for this Mission, you can find them in 'Team Leader Resources' story on the UNSA site
  1. Task 1 How does gravity work on Earth?

    Your Team Leader will have all the information you need to complete these tasks. You can also check out our "Build & Launch A Rocket" playlist of videos to help you answer these questions.

    • What is Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion?
    • How does it affect us on Earth?

    Do some practical experiments to demonstrate this and then write a report or upload photos or videos of your work here!

  2. Task 2 Design, build and launch a rocket!

    Now that you understand Newton's Third Law of Motion, you can build and launch a rocket!

    • Design, make and test a rocket to fly the highest and travel the furthest.
    • Adapt and improve your rocket design as a result of testing it.
    Maybe you could set targets for your rocket and see if you can hit them.

    Here's a good video on how to make a Stomp Rocket from the Fleet Science Centre.
    And here's some instructions on how to build a Water Rocket from the Instructables website.

    Maybe you could upload a video of your rocket in action!

    Rockets are AWESOME.

  3. Task 3 Write a letter of support to Tim or Mini Jon

    Your final task is to write a letter or a video message to either Tim Peake, Mini Jon or Jon Spooner that reflects on your experience of taking part in the Astro Science Challenge.

    Whoever you choose to write to, tell them about:
    • your favourite things that you have done
    • your favourite things that you have learnt
    • what you would like to find out more about

    When you have written your message either type it up in the box below, upload it as a photo or film yourself reading it and upload the video.

    Then claim your final badge and become an Agent of UNSA!

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