To earn the S2R Gold Journalist Medal, you must use a range of media to create consistent, high quality sports reports which show advanced interviewing, research and communication skills.
  1. Task 1 Featured Sports Report x 5

    You must have 5 of your Sports Reports featured to the S2R Network. Submit one sports report which has been featured on the S2R Network and be awarded the S2R Featured Badge.

  2. Task 2 Create a Sports Report which includes an interview x 5

    You must have 5 Sports Reports which include an interview. Your report needs to be about sport and include an interview (audio or video). Submit a story which has links to your 5 sports reports which include an interview.

  3. Task 3 Promote your sports report x 2

    You must have at least 2 Sports Report which has received over 50 views and 5 likes and been awarded the S2R Promoter Badge. (Remember to submit your sports report to the S2R Medals channel to earn your S2R Promoter badge). Submit one sports report which has received the S2R Promoter badge as your evidence.

  4. Task 4 Create a Sports Report which is of high quality, shows advanced interviewing skills

    Submit your best sports report which includes video, text and images. It must show your best interviewing and communication skills.

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